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Tired of having to remember so many different passwords? Let Password Confidential remember your passwords for you and fill them in automatically
Automatically capture and store passwords

Password Confidential automatically captures passwords and user ids for the websites you visit. The next time you visit a site you will be automatically logged in or you can even launch sites directly from within Password Confidential.

Maximum Security

Password Confidential stores your passwords and IDs in a secure encrypted file protected with a master password known only to you. Password Confidential uses the strongest available encryption, AES-256 bit with the master password secured with PBKDF2.
Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is also available providing that extra layer of security at login.

Generate and use stronger passwords

If you no longer have to remember all of your passwords you will be less tempted to use the same password for multiple sites. Password Confidential has a password generator which creates stronger, longer and more secure passwords. You can choose to include letters, symbols and digits and specify password length.

Securely share passwords

Sharing passwords via email or text message is not secure and leaves your information open to hackers. Using the new sharing feature in Password Confidential you will be able to securely share passwords with friends and colleagues.

Secure digital wallet

No more typing in your credit card numbers for every purchase! Use the wallet feature to store your credit cards and Password Confidential will auto-fill the credit card number when you’re shopping online.

Import passwords from other password managers or from custom CSV files

Passwords stored in other password managers or in Excel files can be exported to a CSV format and imported into your Password Confidential account. Password Confidential has filters for importing from Dashlane, LastPass, RoboForm, 1Password, KeePass, PasswordWallet or custom CSV files.

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  • Stores up to 20 passwords and 2 credit cards
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  • Password and credit card auto-fill
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Password Confidential works on Chrome, Firefox and IE